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Can my partner and I benefit from couples therapy?

The thought of beginning couples therapy can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. However, couples therapy can be an excellent space to delve into issues impacting your relationship. Couples therapy can be introduced at all stages of a relationship, whether it’s preventative, anticipating a major life change such as a new baby, or when you don’t know where to turn. At the first session, you, your partner, and the therapist will spend some time gathering background information, getting to know each other, discussing expectations for progress, and formulating a treatment plan to tackle specific goals.

How often should we see a couples therapist?

This all depends on what the goals of the couple are. Most couples start with once a week, then once they start seeing progress, cut back to twice a month, and then schedule “as needed”. At your first appointment, you and your partner will discuss specific goals and moving forward your therapist will guide you in discovering better ways to communicate and exercises to utilize outside of the sessions during the week.

Can I come in for an individual session first and then bring my partner in for a couples session after?

Couples therapy is based in trust and a non-biased approach. It is possible to have individual and couples sessions, but not with the same therapist.  If you would like to schedule both individual and couples work concurrently, we’d be happy to accommodate those services and assign you to two different therapists.