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Kaitlyn Power



Therapy is a safe space to make more satisfying life choices through increased insight into how your mind works. The self-determination and autonomy that you will gain from therapy will help you become better connected to yourself and your needs. Working through and learning from past experiences will help you enhance ego strength and self-esteem, and equip you with tools to live a full and balanced life.

How I Work

I value the uniqueness of each individual client, and provide support and compassion to encourage clients to feel safe in expressing their current thoughts and feelings. I listen empathetically, affirming each client’s sense of worth and value, and at the same time I gently encourage them to expand their comfort zone by asking questions and empowering them to take small steps towards their realized goals.

A big of part of my work revolves around acknowledging my client’s vulnerable emotions. I will help you to develop vocabulary to describe some of these emotions, including any anxieties, worries, and fears. Many of these feelings and thought patterns may stem from childhood. I use a psychodynamic and attachment based approach to therapy which means I believe that our behaviors, feelings, relationships, and emotions are related to our early experiences. I also incorporate other evidence based practices and modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Problem Solving Therapy to address some of the current issues affecting each client.

From our work together, you can expect to develop a greater understanding of yourself in relationships with others, including family, friends, romantic partners, and coworkers. This will in turn develop into the ability to advocate for yourself in personal relationships and acquire tools for building connections with healthy boundaries.

Searching for a therapist who is the right fit for your unique needs can be difficult, but attainable. To see if we could potentially be a compatible match before we start working together, I offer a courtesy 15-minute phone consultation. If we don’t feel like it is the right fit, I am more than willing to offer other referrals.

I am excited to be part of your journey of self-exploration and personal growth, and can’t wait to work with you on your life goals and aspirations!


Kenyon College, B.A. in Psychology

University of Southern California, Masters in Social Work

Clinical Practicum

The Maple Counseling Center,
Beverly Hills, CA

Sandy Segal Youth Health Center,
Culver City, CA

Vista Del Mar Non-Public School,
Culver City, CA

YES Academy (LAUSD),
Los Angeles, CA

Professional Trainings

Problem Solving Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

National Association of Social Workers

Clinical Social Work Association

Supervised by Shannon Kalberg, LMFT